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12/17/2019; Tuesday

CrossFit Magnolia – CrossFitClean and Jerk (1RM)Metcon (Time)3 rounds: 15 power cleans 15 front squats 15 push jerks 15 GHD (Bar = 135/95)

Day 13

CrossFit Magnolia – Dark Horse Weightlifting ClubClean Pull (4×3)work up to your working weight then same weight all 4 setsWeightlifting8 Min. EMOM: 2 power cleanJerk dip + Jerk(1+1)x6

12/16/2019; Monday

CrossFit Magnolia – CrossFitMetcon (No Measure)Make up day for 1RM. You can choose: Back squat Deadlift Bench press If you did all 3 last week, you can do either: Front squat Strict press Ask your coach how to enter your 1RM into Wodify.Metcon (AMRAP –...

Day 12

CrossFit Magnolia – Dark Horse Weightlifting ClubSnatch Pull (5×2)increase weight until you find your working weight then 5 sets at the same weightWeightlifting8 Min. EMOM: 2 power snatchOverhead Squat (4×4)w/ 2 sec pause at bottom

12/13/2019; Friday

CrossFit Magnolia – CrossFitBench Press (1RM)Metcon (Time)4 rounds: 50 double-unders 25 wall balls (20/14) 15 power snatch (96/65)

12/12/2019; Thursday

CrossFit Magnolia – CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)30 min amrap: 200m run 12 pull-ups 200m run 8 C2B pull-ups 200m run 4 bar muscle-ups