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CrossFit Magnolia is located north of Houston, Texas in Magnolia, near The Woodlands, Texas.

We are known for excellent programming that is constantly varied and challenges athletes at any level (or even those wanting to be athletic) both physically and mentally.

We cater to anyone looking for a community that cares about their health and well-being as an individual and encourages them to dig deeper and push themselves to the next level of fitness.

Our goal is to help you create the best version of yourself.

We believe that CrossFit can help anyone become stronger, faster and healthier.

We hope that CrossFit Magnolia will become an extension of your family as it has for our other members.

Come join us.




My health journey started after my first year of college when I decided to prioritize my health and lose the freshman 30 (I’m an over achiever). I started eating better, exercising regularly, and I changed my major; health and fitness became my whole life. I graduated...

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I grew up in Magnolia and graduated in 2005. Shortly after, I left for the US Navy where I was deployed during which time I was fortunate enough to visit 13 countries during my service. After my time in the military I came back home and met my beautiful wife Priscila....

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It's interesting to look back and see the path that brings you to certain points in your life. When I got my MBA, I was catapulted into corporate America where I worked for about ten years. When I had the opportunity to coach at and then own CrossFit Magnolia, I was...

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I began CrossFit in 2008 with the goal of becoming a better athlete.  I became stronger and faster than I’d ever been before; completing a half Ironman, full Ironman, a Primal Quest Badlands adventure race, several 12- and 24-hour adventure and mountain bike...

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Growing up I was very active and played many sports all throughout school. After having my second baby, my husband talked me in to trying CrossFit but I didn’t feel part of the community right away. One day, shortly after joining the gym, I was having a particularly...

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I got into CrossFit in summer 2012 because I needed a change… I had been in the fitness industry for years and was getting burnt out. I became certified as a coach in 2013 and love it because CrossFitters are dedicated and passionate plus they are super supportive of...

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