The "Sport of Fitness"
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6/13/2018; Wednesday

Deficit Deadlift: 5×3
working up each round for heaviest 3-rep
Stand on 45# plate
Push jerks
Increase weight by 5# each round
Unbroken each round

For Rx, you must increase by only 5#
Not for time
Use the rack
Log your heaviest round
Compare to 8/16/17

6/11/2018; Monday

DB Bench press: 5×3
working up each round to heaviest 3-rep
Death by 10m
On min 1: Run 10m, rest remaining time.
On min 2: Run 10m x 2, rest remaining time.
On min 3: Run 10m x 3, rest remaining time.
Continue until you cannot run the allotted number of 10m during the minute.
The round completed is your score. (For example: if you completed 10m x 14 times in minute 14, then in minute 15 you didn't complete 15 before the minute ended, your score is 14.)
100 abmat sit-ups
(Rx+ = PVC)